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Vacancy IT-intern at Steward Redqueen

Job description            

Our clients want to understand their impact on planet and society. Companies nowadays consider issues like water use, taxation, CO2 emissions or supply chain effects an integral part of business. To steer their performance towards maximum social return and minimal environmental footprint, companies need to track their performance and analyse where there is room for improvement. And for this, companies need data; from their own organisation, from clients and even big data can help provide insight in the environment and social performance of a company.

Steward Redqueen helps clients build data management systems to efficiently collect/aggregate complex data sets and design an interactive performance dashboard to visualize the outcomes. The dashboard enables the company to easily analyse its performance and build scenarios on impact simulations. The data management systems and dashboards are developed, stored and hosted in an online environment. Clients can access the dashboard through authorized log in.

We have an internship vacancy for a student who will contribute improving the tools that we currently offer our clients as well as expand the set of tools with new solutions.  The new (set of) tool(s) would enable our clients to:

  1. Easily collect data on-line from multiple sources
  2. Save the data in a centrally located database
  3. Make the data available for further reporting and visualisation

Next to developing new tools, the intern would be invited to learn how to work with our current way of making dashboards for clients. This means the intern will be actively involved in projects including client contacts, project management and analysis. Also thinking along with us to integrate big data into our applications is a part of the job. The intern will be working side by side with one of Steward Redqueen’s senior consultants and will have real impact on the business by developing tools that are directly used by new or existing clients.

Job requirements
We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate that:

  • is looking to apply his or her knowledge in a real consulting environment
  • possesses the right programming skills (to be discussed)
  • preferably is in the later stages of his or her curriculum
  • can start on the short term 

What we offer
We offer the opportunity to work for an international consultancy and develop products that will be directly used by clients. The internship would last 4-6 months. The candidate will be a part of a young team (10-15 consultants) in which he/she gets the opportunity to develop his/her  personal and content-related skills. Furthermore, the intern will be introduced to general consulting practices in a professional environment. We also offer a market-rate allowance.

Please submit your motivation letter and CV to Bernard Leussink: For questions please call: 023-5530400. 


Open applications

Steward Redqueen is always interested to meet with talented young professionals. Please send your open application to Tias van Moorsel,