Nederlandse versie making business work for society


Our rigorous analysis and ability to solve complex problems is highly appreciated by our clients. Some examples of how we combine quantitative and qualitative analysis:

  • Helping organisations to understand the complexity of value chains and networks in which they to have to perform  (Article Stanford Social Innovation Review)
  • Mapping and prioritising the sustainability and impact challenges of organisations (Vos Logistics)
  • Assess the socio-economic contributions of multinationals operating in the food and beverage sector (Coca-Cola)
  • Evaluate and assess the financial, economic and development impact of investment funds (CDC)
  • Determine the national and regional development impact of the extractive sector (Newmont)
  • Estimate access to products due to changing (government) policy and/or pricing strategies (EuropaBio)
  • Assess the socio-economic impact of financing provided by banks (Standard Chartered)