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Standard Chartered contributes to East Africa's development

maart 23, 2018

How does a commercial bank contribute to society? And how can it better align with a region’s development priorities?

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Wouter Scheepens' letter in the Financial Times

juli 24, 2017

The FT published a concise letter of our partner Wouter Scheepens. It is a response to Prof Vermaelen who argued in the same paper that certain ethical investors will be compensated in heaven.

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What is the link between power and economic development?

december 6, 2017

Senegal generated about 3,600 GWh of electricity in 2016. This is just about enough to power one fridge for every 4 of its people.

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Impact investors: want to improve data quality? Stop asking random questions!

november 2, 2017

How investors should first look in the mirror if they want better data quality.   

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