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Vacancy Junior Consultant at Steward Redqueen

oktober 30, 2015

We are looking for a Junior Consultant who will support our team in conducting our projects. Preferably someone who can start in the nearby future (January 2016).

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Steward Redqueen study first to demonstrate impact of private sector on society of Bosnia and Herzegovina

oktober 19, 2015

To facilitate the discussion of the role of the private sector in promoting economic growth in B-H, Coca-Cola organized a business forum with Steward Redqueen's study as the main topic of debate.

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Sustainability manager: career maker or breaker?

januari 29, 2016

Being a sustainability manager is a hard job. And many multi-national corporations struggle to recruit qualified sustainability managers. Question to you: what does this tell us about the maturity of the function and the recruitment process?

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After Paris: measuring carbon, just start!

december 17, 2015

This week, nearly 200 countries committed to cut emissions in order to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees. But this is not the only good news.

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