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Independent evaluation The PRI

april 19, 2016

To help mark its 10-year anniversary, the PRI in London commissioned Steward Redqueen to carry out an independent evaluation of its impact.

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A welcome positive story: the Coca-Cola System’s commitment to the Greek economy

april 1, 2016

The Greek economy has been hit hard by the recession. Over the last years investments went down, unemployment increased and disposable incomes dropped.

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Part two: Sustainability manager: career maker or breaker?

maart 9, 2016

My recent blog on challenges of sustainability managers andthe recruitment process sparked quite a number of reactions. One of the suggestions was to organise a discussion in person. That sounds like a good idea, but first let’s dive a little deeper.

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Sustainability manager: career maker or breaker?

januari 29, 2016

Being a sustainability manager is a hard job. And many multi-national corporations struggle to recruit qualified sustainability managers. Question to you: what does this tell us about the maturity of the function and the recruitment process?

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