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What is the link between power and economic development?

december 6, 2017

Senegal generated about 3,600 GWh of electricity in 2016. This is just about enough to power one fridge for every 4 of its people.

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Impact investors: want to improve data quality? Stop asking random questions!

november 2, 2017

How investors should first look in the mirror if they want better data quality.   

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The fundamental but avoided question of attribution in impact investing

oktober 17, 2017

In the rapidly evolving impact investment field there is an increased focus on adequate impact measurement and management – and justifiably so. However, one fundamental question still is largely avoided: the question of attribution. 

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A mingling of tribes that reflects a happy collision of interest

september 26, 2017

Recently Gillian Tett, US Managing Editor of the Financial Times, seemed surprised about ‘the growing number of business executives keen to sign the United Nation’s latest ‘pet project’ (her wording)- the so called Sustainable Development Goals’. 

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