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Impact Investing market is gaining more and more traction

januari 26, 2015

On the back of PGGM’s hefty announcement that it will have allocated 20 billion in assets to impact investing by 2020, the participants of the GIIN conference in Zurich where both thrilled and challenged.

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What defines a sustainable company? Intention is crucial

januari 23, 2015

Last week I was involved in the discussion on what defines a successful sustainable company. The conclusion was that the intention with which a company is taking on sustainability is the proxy to determine this.

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If investment banks marginalise CSR they will lose business

Not standardisation but leapfrog projects will take sustainability to next phase

december 18, 2014

Recently I was having a conversation with an accountant who is involved in sustainability audits for various multinationals. He noted that these multinationals seem to be struggling with the question on how to take sustainability to a next phase. 

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Essential integration of environmental, social and economic impact

december 16, 2014

Last week the UN published its second  Inclusive Wealth Report , an attempt to monetize a country’s inclusive wealth consisting of natural, human and physical assets.

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