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Willem Vosmer speaker at PGGM/BNR Impact Investment Initiative

februari 17, 2017

The event, hosted by institutional investor PGGM and Business News Radio (BNR), brought specialists together from the institutional investment industry around the topic of impact investing.

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What is the link between power and jobs?

november 2, 2016

In a study for CDC plc, the UK’s development finance institution, we explore the pathways through which improvements in the availability, affordability and reliability of electricity supply impact businesses and households.

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NUDGE Global Leadership Challenge 2016 – What a great experience

oktober 31, 2016

From October 20 to  22 our colleague Tias van Moorsel joined the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge in Zeist, The Netherlands. Participating in this three day challenge and meeting over 90 young professionals from more than 25 different countries was a great experience. 

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The story behind the Coca-Cola bottle in Belgium

juli 25, 2016

Could you imagine you support jobs and incomes by drinking Coca-Cola? 

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Cumulative impact of hazard-based legislation on crop protection products in Europe

juli 14, 2016

A new EU impact study published today reveals that if more crop protection products are removed from the market, quality food supplies will be put at risk and unemployment will rise, costing the economy billions of euros.

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