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A welcome positive story: the Coca-Cola System’s commitment to the Greek economy

In these difficult economic times for Greece, the Coca-Cola System had a positive story to tell on March 31 in Athens when Steward Redqueen’s socio-economic impact study was presented. At a press conference, Prof. Ethan Kapstein (Steward Redqueen), Naya Kologeraki (General Manager, Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon Greece & Cyprus) and Dimitris Xynotroulias (Franchise Country Manager, Coca-Cola Greece, Cyprus & Malta) jointly presented the Coca-Cola System’s impact on the Greek economy.

The study demonstrates the ripple effects of the Coca-Cola System’s local operation on the Greek economy. Through its local spending, the company contributes to the nation’s employment and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). And the company’s supply-chain partnerships help improve competitiveness of Greek companies, many of which are SMEs.

In total, the Coca-Cola System supports about 21,300 jobs, nearly 1% of Greece’s employment, and €924 million in salaries, taxes and profits, equalling 0.5% of GDP. These effects of the Coca-Cola System ripple through numerous sectors in the Greek economy ranging from fruit farmers, packaging companies, transporters and distributors. This shows how strongly the Coca-Cola System’s value chain is interlinked with many sectors in the Greek economy.

Please find below some of the Coca-Cola System’s communication materials based on our study: