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Cargill’s Edible Oils Group sustainability strategy

Cargill’s Edible Oils Group engaged Steward Redqueen to support it in writing its sustainability strategy. The Group  was already managing a portfolio of projects and had made significant progress in a number of supply chains but felt that the overarching theme for edible oils was missing.

Being an outsider Steward Redqueen could take an independent view and discipline a ‘pressure cooker’-process. This was focused and result-oriented, yet we engaged with a range of internal and external stakeholders.  As part of our work we executed socio-economic value chain analysis of various agro-commodities. The result was that in a period of only six months a robust strategy could be presented to the senior executives of the group.

We engaged Steward Redqueen to support our edible oils group in writing its sustainability strategy. Over the course of the summer, a team of Steward Redqueen consultants facilitated workshops, conducted interviews with external and internal stakeholders, and carried out insightful research,​including an impact assessment, ​that set us on the right path to developing and confirming one set of focus areas that underpin our efforts. ​Steward Redqueen's analysis was instrumental in making sustainability both tangible and urgent for our leadership team, thus pushing forward the topic in a way that would not have been possible without their expertise.
Robert Horster
Global Head of trading Cargill Refined Oils