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Helping Vos Logistics to define sustainability strategy and reporting

European logistics service provider Vos Logistics published her first sustainability report in 2009, setting out the company's sustainability policy and ambitions for 2010-2015. The company has drawn up an action program with concrete goals. The most striking goal is a CO2 reduction per ton / kilometer of 20% by 2015.

CEO Frank Verhoeven says: “In our sector sustainability and economics go hand in hand. Saving fuel for example is good for the environment and for our bottom line.” Under the name ”Eco-Safe Logistics” Vos aligns efforts in the area of safety, sustainability and economics. 

Verhoeven adds: “Steward Redqueen has assisted us in designing our sustainability strategy and our report. Their experience helped us to make mileage. Our report has been well received in the market place; I expect a positive impact in the development of new business because of our clear commitment to sustainability.”