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How to build profitable businesses and have social impact at the bottom of the pyramid

On behalf of Stichting DOEN, we evaluated the social and development impact of Gray Ghost DOEN Social Ventures, a venture capital social impact fund Stichting DOEN invested in.

Gray Ghost seeks to provide affordable access to information, services and products to people at the bottom of the pyramid in developing markets. The fund shows that it can achieve this by investing in companies that adapt proven technologies in e.g. mobile banking and healthcare to marketable services and provide these services to the underserved consumer in developing markets such as India, Bangladesh, Kenya. In numerous cases these services are life-changing for the people who use them, because of the socio-economic impact they have in their lives: they help them grow their income (e.g. by start selling mobile payment credits in their small shop) or save a substantial amount of costs or (travel) time (e.g. by gaining access to online, targeted healthcare information provided through simple videos). 

Stichting DOEN about this evaluation: “In their social impact evaluation of Gray Ghost DOEN Social Ventures, Steward Redqueen clearly showed that commercial viability of the portfolio companies and their social impact go hand in hand and can reinforce one another. The evaluation provided us with valuable insights on social impact and good food for thought on opportunities to further improve our added value to our investments.”