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IFC job study in Jordan, Ghana, Tunisia and Sri Lanka

As part of the International Finance Corporation’s Job Study (IFC, World Bank Group), Steward Redqueen has conducted four country studies to estimate the number of jobs and value-added supported by IFC’s past investments in Ghana and Jordan and by potential investments (of $1m in various sectors) in Tunisia and Sri Lanka. The studies entail analyses of the quantifiable socio-economic impacts of IFC’s investments and provide strategic insights into development and job creation effects of various investments.

Employment is then also not only supported by direct recipients but any investment decision, depending on the country and sector, also influences the extent to which local supply chains are strengthened. In addition, from a development point of view the analysis shows that there may be a trade-off between the number of jobs supported and the value added per job. This becomes relevant in order for countries to make a transition from mainly labor intensive to higher value added industries.

The summary of this study can be found here