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In-house assistance for clean energy venture capital firm

The assignment

During the summer of 2013, we have assisted Chrysalix SET with the development and implementation of an integral Environmental, Social and Governance Risk Management System. Chrysalix SET is an Amsterdam based venture capital firm managing investments in early growth stage European clean energy technology companies with high growth potential. Being a responsible investor impacting the future energy mix, Chrysalix SET aims to remain a frontrunner, illustrated by its proactive attitude towards the integration of ESG principles in its operations. Chrysalix SET wished to have a tailor-made procedure with practical tools to integrate ESG risk management in its processes.

The solution

To ensure efficient processes, in spite of the demanding customization requirements, Chrysalix SET opted for Steward Redqueen to provide in-house support. During a period of 2 months, one of our consultants worked from the offices of Chrysalix SET. Participating in the work environment and experiencing the daily operations of the clients, which enabled our consultant to have a sound knowledge of the client’s procedures and requirements in a short period of time. Additionally, it enabled easy, fast and effective communication. Close cooperation and frequent dialogue between the consultant and the client, created internal support for the policy, procedures and implementation. This ultimately resulted in a toolkit that represents the high ambitions of Chrysalix SET, while still pragmatic and easy-to use. The consultant also supported the client in the communication with their investors and investee companies to familiarize them with the relevance of ESG and to introduce Chrysalix SET’s proactive initiative to implement ESG in their investment operations.


Steward Redqueen has assisted us with the development of an integrated ESG risk management system, which matches our ambition to be a frontrunner in the integration of ESG in early stage Venture Capital. This tailor made procedure and accompanying the toolkit will enable us to assess and monitor our portfolio companies on ESG aspects throughout the investment process and holding period until exit. The fast and thorough execution of Steward Redqueen’s work and the ease of use of the tools have made it possible to implement the system within a short timeframe.
René Savelsberg
Managing Director of Chrysalix SET