Nederlandse versie making business work for society

Second key impact study in Dutch 3rd sector

The assignment
It is clear that youth activities have social added value. In the interest of gaining better insight into this, we were asked by the Goede Doelen Loterijen (charity lotteries) to investigate the socio-economic impact of socially-oriented civil-society organisations. The Jeugdsportfonds, Scouting Nederland and the Johan Cruyff Foundation, all three are beneficiaries of the Dutch Lottery, participated in this research project.

The results
Based on existing scientific research, building on our proven methodology and through interviews with respondents, we determined the socio-economic impact. Some of the results are qualitative, others are quantitative.

The main conclusions of this study are:

  • Society benefits from the fact that youth participates in sports and activities;
  • The contribution made to this by the three organisations can be partially quantified and we have calculated this on annual basis to be between € 6 and € 9 million collectively for the organisations investigated;
  • The organisations also have an economic impact which can be expressed in related added value (total of € 37.5 million) and jobs (in total; 670).

Sandor Brouwer, Business Development Director at the Charity Lotteries says: “Impact measurement of socially-oriented non-profits is relatively new and unchartered territory. However, I am convinced that this will be increasingly important. Non-profits will need this kind of information in their stakeholder dialogues more and more. At the same time the same information can be used for their internal decision making. Steward Redqueen shows great determination and competency in getting relevant results.”

Earlier we have done a similar study for three other beneficiaries of the lotteries: Natuurmonumenten (see below); the Hermitage Museum Amsterdam and BidNetwork (“preparing emerging market entrepreneurs for investors”).

Natuurmonumenten in Dutch: economische_impact_van_natuurmonumenten.pdf

I really appreciate this new way of looking at our organisation. Steward Redqueen presented several recommendations which we will certainly use in our continuous drive to improve the quality of our work. This report is instrumental in the dialogue with external stakeholders. But we can also use it to show our large group of volunteers that their work makes a difference.
Harrie Postma
Founder of Jeugdsportfonds