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Socio-economic impact of Coca-Cola Serbia

In September, Coca-Cola Romania and Serbia followed the example of their Italian colleagues and launched socio-economic impact assessments (SEIAs) carried out by Steward Redqueen. The Romanian study was presented at a round-table discussion in Bucharest attended by over 35 movers and shakers from government, business, academia, think-tanks and the media.

Stephane Batoux, General Manager for Coca-Cola Hellenic Romania, said how prior to reading the study he had been a manager “driving blindly through the economy”, with no idea of the huge indirect impact his company has on the country’s economy.

At a similar round table in Belgrade, Vlajko Senic, State Secretary of Serbia’s Ministry of Economics & Finance, told stakeholders how the research provided very important results for any company and encouraged firms in the region to learn more about their own economy-wide impact. The reports reveal some fascinating statistics. For example, how in Serbia 13 new job openings are registered as a direct consequence of 1 new workplace being created within Coca-Cola.

We have done similar impact studies for Coca-Cola in more than 10 countries in Europe.