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Sustainability at The Student Hotel: Designing and implementing a strategy

Over the last couple of months Steward Redqueen contributed to the development and implementation of a sustainability strategy at The Student Hotel. Together with this dynamic organisation, Steward Redqueen developed ambitions and CSR pathways in order to become a leader in their sector. 

Designing an aspirational and operational sustainability framework

The contribution of Steward Redqueen started by hosting a number of sessions with the Management Team. During this sessions, thoughts on sustainability were aligned, and a framework for sustainability was developed. The framework now consists of six themes, three ‘hygiene factors’ and three ‘differentiators’ that make The Student Hotel unique: Green buildings, Responsible Sourcing, Minimizing Footprint, Diverse Community, Revitalizing Neighbourhoods and Transformative Crowd.

Development of an impact dashboard

Once the sustainability framework was finalised, Steward Redqueen developed an impact dashboard, allowing The Student Hotel to measure and monitor its performance on the key performance indicators set in the previous phase.

Implementation of strategy into organisation

For two days a week, Steward Redqueen offered support in implementing its strategy and integrating a sustainability mind-set in the organisation. A step in the implementation included the publication of the CSR strategy at the website, wherein The Student Hotel communicates its vision and activities.



Steward Redqueen offered our organisation all-round support, from sustainability strategy development to practical implementation. Under the guidance of one of their partners, they were able to bring direction and focus in our fast-growing organisation. Steward Redqueen can be applauded for speaking the language of our target audience, their skill to write and substantiate our ambitions with measurable goals and KPI’s. We enjoyed working together with Steward Redqueen!
Lucas Rijckmans
Head Legal & Compliance
Lucas Rijckmans