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Validation of IDH attribution claims 2011

IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, is  keen to show maximum accountability and transparency about its operations and progress in terms of output, outcomes and impact. Steward Redqueen has been invited to execute a quick-scan project in order  to receive stakeholder feedback on claims about the attribution of IDH with respect to its programs over 2011.  This research resulted in an independent report with positive feedback about IDH’s work and also well appreciated suggestions and advise of a wide range of stakeholders.

Erna Wegman, director of operations of IDH, says: ‘We were very pleased by the effective process that Steward Redqueen organized to interview a high number of our stakeholders in a short time. It was really helpful for us how Steward Redqueen used a scoring system to structure the input of our stakeholders and how quickly they produced a coherent and useful report.’