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We assisted GroFin in measuring and reporting on employment generation and economic growth

As a specialised development finance fund, GroFin has put inclusive growth and employment generation at the core of its business. To optimise its strategy and improve stakeholder communication, GroFin asked Steward Redqueen to provide insights into how its financing contributes to these objectives. 

We developed a rigorous yet practical model to estimate the impact of GroFin’s portfolio companies on the societies they operate in. We provided GroFin with insights into both the direct and indirect contribution of portfolio companies to employment and income generation, thereby revealing previously undiscovered impacts in the value chain of its portfolio companies.

Our insights help GroFin to steer on its strategic goals, and serve as an input to stakeholder dialogue. GroFin used our results and visuals in its 2015 Impact Report.  


The Steward Redqueen team showed a strong understanding of our business and challenges. With their unique and rigorous impact measurement approach they provided us with new insights into the broader impact of our financing. This helps us to steer on our strategic goals for the future and provide valuable input to stakeholder dialogue. I also very much appreciated their guidance in communication, putting results into context and presenting them in ready-to-use visuals.
Lynton Burger
Impact Executive
Lynton Burger