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We enabled Heineken to understand and manage its impact on local African economies

The assignment

Some see the presence of companies like Heineken in Africa as bringing economic activity, jobs and wages. Others see them as extractors of (hard) currency and exploiters of cheap labour. So in 2006 Heineken asked us to quantify the effects of its activities by conducting socio-economic impact studies of Heineken operations across the globe. To date we have completed 17 individual studies, several scenario analyses and developed a tool for demonstrating Heineken’s impact on sub-Saharan Africa.

The solution

By mapping Heineken’s relationship to the economies where it operates and leveraging the relationships it develops in that process, we can show the far-reaching impact Heineken has on these economies and societies. In addition to money flows, there are also intangible contributions, such as knowledge transfers.

Based on deep-dive analyses for 7 of the 18 countries where Heineken operates in sub-Saharan Africa, we’ve also been able to estimate Heineken’s impact on the entire region.

The benefits

The reports’ findings help Heineken to deepen the debate about private sector impact on national economies and allow management to make business decisions based on facts and robust analysis. For example, the studies show how through local procurement Heineken can boost local demand for sorghum. Helping small-scale farmers increase yields with better seeds and farming techniques, improving farm revenues and income.

Steward Redqueen has also helped many of Heineken’s national offices communicate the results of studies with key stakeholders such as suppliers, distributors, government, economists and NGOs.

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The results of Steward Redqueen’s SEIA have truly helped us get better insights into the positive impact of our business in Rwanda. Having this information also enabled us to enrich our conversations and dialogues with relevant stakeholders, notably the government. I appreciate the focused and practical way in which Steward Redqueen obtained and presented this innovative type of management information.
Door Plantenga
Managing Director Bralirwa S.L., Rwanda