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We trained Promerica bank staff in the identification and evaluation of environmental and social risks and opportunities

The assignment

Promerica Holding, a (multi-)national banking group operating in Central America, developed a Group Policy to introduce environmental and social risk management throughout its national subsidiaries. Promerica El Salvador sought our assistance for the full-scale application of this Group Policy in El Salvador.

The solution

As part of introducing environmental and social risk management, we developed an intensive training course for Promerica El Salvador personnel. We addressed three main questions. We first explained the rationale behind managing environmental and social risk management at financial institutions; Why is environmental and social risk management important for a financial institution such as Promerica? We then presented the new environmental and social management system; What policies, procedures and supporting documents were to be adopted by participants? Finally, we assisted participants in identifying and evaluating environmental and social risk and opportunity in case studies based on Promerica’s clients; How does Promerica identify and evaluate environmental risk and opportunity.

The benefits

The training provided operational level employees and senior managers throughout with the knowledge, tools and practical experience to effectively manage environmental and social risk and opportunities in Promerica’s portfolio. It rendered the entire organization in compliance with (inter)national laws and regulations concerning environmental and social risk management. And it improved the Promerica’s reputation among its clients, investors and stakeholders.


We have been working with Steward Redqueen on the design and implementation of an Environmental and Social Management System. Their role has been pivotal to the success of our approach to E&S management as they helped to keep it practical, integrated in our core operations and focused on value add. It has been a great experience working with them.
Antonio Moreno
Risk Manager Banco Promerica