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Part two: Sustainability manager: career maker or breaker?

9 maart 2016

My recent blog on challenges of sustainability managers andthe recruitment process sparked quite a number of reactions. One of the suggestions was to organise a discussion in person. That sounds like a good idea, but first let’s dive a little deeper.

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Sustainability manager: career maker or breaker?

29 januari 2016

Being a sustainability manager is a hard job. And many multi-national corporations struggle to recruit qualified sustainability managers. Question to you: what does this tell us about the maturity of the function and the recruitment process?

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After Paris: measuring carbon, just start!

17 december 2015

This week, nearly 200 countries committed to cut emissions in order to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees. But this is not the only good news.

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Serveer duurzaam ondernemen niet af!

30 september 2015

Het bedrog van Volkswagen is voor velen aanleiding om de messen te slijpen over duurzaam ondernemen door multinationals. Zie je wel, het is maar een PR sausje, zo is de stelling. 

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