Anne van Drunen Littel

Senior Consultant

Anne’s expertise is sustainability in the agro-food sector, innovation and impact measurement

Anne combines a strong track record in sustainable finance and development impact with experiences living and working in South East Asia and East Africa. Anne is involved in sustainability strategy and management, impact measurement, innovation and evaluation projects, with a specific focus on agricultural operations and finance in developing and emerging markets.

Anne has a focus on the agri-food sector, working with both private and public sector organisations. Her clients include agri-focused commercial banks and development finance organisations, network organisations, leading multinational companies in the sector and FMCG companies that source from the sector. She leads a Europe-wide agricultural impact assessment programme, a project that covers 16 EU agricultural markets and over 30 different crops. She manages the data collection, communication with national farmer and agricultural organisations, technical institutes and universities, performing country- and EU-level quantitative and qualitative analysis, and narrative development.

Prior to joining Steward Redqueen, Anne worked with, amongst others, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Hindustan Unilever. She holds a cum laude MSc in International Public Policy from University College London.

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