Jan Anton van Zanten


Jan Anton is an expert on private sector contributions to Sustainable Development Goals

Jan Anton van Zanten is a consultant specialised in corporate sustainability. Through his work and academic research, he helps clients better understand and manage their sustainable development impacts.

Jan Anton conducts socio-economic impact studies for multinationals in sectors such as finance, food and beverages, and mining, in various African, Asian and European markets. He additionally develops innovative solutions for helping companies engage with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An example is the “SDG Mapping”: a methodology for mapping the interactions between financial companies’ loan portfolios and the SDG targets, which is now being implemented by a major international bank.

Next to his work at Steward Redqueen, Jan Anton is a part-time PhD candidate at the Rotterdam School of Management – Erasmus University. His research is situated in the intersections between international business and sustainable development, and therefore aligns with our mission of “making business work for society”. His research on the SDGs was recently published in the Journal of International Business Policy, with Columbia University, the IISD, and Forbes having posted related opinion pieces. He also lectures at Erasmus University, he presents at conferences, and he supervises students.

He holds an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Global Business and Stakeholder Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam. He previously worked for the United Nations Environment Programme, the Partnerships Resource Centre, and ING Bank.

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