Noortje Boogers


Noortje is an expert on socio-economic impact measurement

Noortje Boogers is a consultant focused on impact measurement and stakeholder engagement. She advised various clients on how to develop their impact framework and track their progress, mainly in the financial sector. She is based in the Netherlands.

Noortje has a particular interest in giving companies and organizations better insight on how they impact social and sustainable development. She executed multiple socio-economic impact assessments for various multinationals. She has a deep understanding of macro-economics and she knows how to contextualise results. Further, Noortje assisted various investors with the development of their impact framework and impact measurement systems.

Prior to working at Steward Redqueen, Noortje worked at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FMO. At both jobs she worked on reporting on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Noortje holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam, with a specialization in Behavioural Economics and Game Theory. During her Bachelor’s in Economics and Finance she participated in an exchange program at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. She is fluent in Dutch and English.

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