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Sabine Dankbaar


Sabine is a specialist in harmonised impact measurement and management

Sabine Dankbaar is a Director specialised in impact measurement and management. She assists clients with designing and implementing impact strategies, carrying out impact assessments and evaluation studies, and developing tools. She aims to contribute to transparency and comparability in the sector by facilitating harmonisation of impact measurement among impact investors. She has on-the-ground experience in both developed and emerging markets, as well as in fragile state environments. Sabine is based in the Netherlands.

Sabine has managed and carried out 30+ projects for international finance institutions, private equity and impact funds, NGOs and corporates. She is one of the initiators of the Joint Impact Model, a web-based tool enabling impact investors to measure employment, GDP contribution and carbon emissions supported by their portfolio in data-scarce environments. She has a good understanding of the dilemmas impact investors may face in defining impact objectives, outlining their strategy, and collecting data to substantiate their progress. Sabine supported numerous clients with pragmatic solutions, while ensuring alignment with international standards and harmonisation initiatives (e.g. PCAF, HIPSO). She also conducted numerous in-depth evaluation studies, assessing particular programs or topics (e.g. studies on how local value chains contribute to upgrading economies, and on linkages between employment programs and fragility) to derive learnings and recommendations. Methodologies she applied include input-output modelling, value chain mapping, surveys and stakeholder interviews.

Before joining Steward Redqueen, Sabine gained experience in responsible investing and corporate sustainability performance at Sustainalytics. Sabine holds a cum laude Research MA in Modern History and International Relations from the University of Groningen and speaks Dutch, English and French.


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