Sofie Verhoeven

Senior Consultant

Sofie is a policy economist experienced in evaluating and steering impact

Sofie Verhoeven is a consultant focused on policy economics and impact evaluation. She has experience in socio-economic impact measurement in both the FMCG and financial sector. She is based in the Netherlands.

Sofie has experience in a variety of impact measurement and strategy fields, including facilitating knowledge sharing within the sustainable finance sector, developing metrics to steer impact investment decisions, and measuring impact in the FMCG sector through economic modelling.

Before joining Steward Redqueen she worked at FMO, gained experience at the Municipality of Rotterdam and did research in Uganda on the local pharmaceutical market. Sofie holds a MSc Policy Economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and previously studied at Maastricht University, Copenhagen Business School and Cátolica University in Lisbon.

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