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Akash Chandra

Technical Product Owner

Akash is a Business Analyst with a focus on marketing and technology

Akash is a Business Analyst with a focus on marketing and technology. His interest lies in understanding various business needs and making sure the right kind of technology is applied to attain the right results. He comes from India but is based in the Netherlands.

Before joining Steward Redqueen, Akash was working as an independent technical business consultant where among other things he developed a web-application for a lighting company that assists the sales team and their customers with product configurations. Akash has also worked on other smaller projects that has helped local Dutch brands in the field of marketing and branding. Having his own venture and managing such projects from beginning to end has given Akash the ability to have an eagle’s eye view on business processes and has given him strong problem-solving skills.

Akash holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from SRM India, an MBA degree from XIME India and an MSc degree in Marketing from Radboud University, Nijmegen. He is fluent in English and Hindi.

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