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We supported REGMIFA in developing a fit-for-purpose ESMS 

REGMIFA is a regional investment fund that aims to foster economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa, by providing finance to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises either directly to a company or indirectly through a Partner Lending Institution. A revision of the organization’s strategy put more focus on the promotion of Small and Medium enterprises, which required an updated approach to E&S risk management. REGMIFA asked Steward Redqueen for support in promoting efficient E&S management considering the new strategy and in accordance with standards and guidelines of investors.

We reviewed REGMIFA’s existing approach to E&S risk management and identified improvement points for conformity with requirements from investors. Based on this information, we developed a tailored method to assess the E&S risk management quality REGMIFA’s Partner Lending Institutions.  Finally, we supported and guided the REGMIFA team in rolling out the updated E&S risk management system by providing an implementation plan and training the staff members in the Geneva and South Africa offices. Throughout the project, we provided interim support until the updated management system was implemented.

The updated E&S risk management system allows REGMIFA to efficiently assess whether a Partner Lending Institution’s E&S risk management quality is commensurate with portfolio related E&S risks.

If you want to know more, contact our colleague Iris van ‘t Klooster at iris.vantklooster@stewardredqueen.com.