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We developed a system to measure the sustainability of ABN AMRO clients

ABN AMRO is one of the largest Dutch commercial banks, with clients both in The Netherlands and globally.

As part of its sustainability strategy, and to put its sustainability policies into practice, the bank approached us to help them measure and monitor the sustainability performance of its clients.

Based on the sustainability policies we co-wrote, we designed the Global Sustainability Risk Indicator (GSRI) a hands-on system to measure the sustainability performance of the bank’s  clients. The system became part of the bank’s credit processes, engraining sustainability in the core business of the bank. The system started out as a tool to manage the bank’s sustainability risks, and recently, it was expanded with the addition of sustainability opportunity indicators. We also designed and developed sustainability dashboards for the bank’s 500 Dutch relationship managers. These dashboards are currently maintained by Steward Redqueen.

The measurement system enables ABN AMRO to build a global sustainability database of all of its clients. This system allows the bank to provide its clients with peer benchmarking and sustainabilty improvement suggestions. Read here how Management Board member Joop Wijn introduces the tool.