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We developed a sustainability strategy for the Cargill Edible Oils Group

Cargill is a globally operating agricultural crops & commodities trader.

The Cargill Edible Oils Group engaged Steward Redqueen for support with its 2020-2030 sustainability strategy.

The Group was already managing a portfolio of sustainability projects and had made significant progress in a number of supply chains, but felt an overarching theme for edible oils was missing. We engaged with a range of internal and external stakeholders to collect and assess the group’s needs, wishes and capabilities. On top of this, we executed a socio-economic value chain analysis of various agro-commodities, mapping the company’s impact on a variety of sustainability indicators.

Our analysis helps the Group’s leadership team make sustainability both tangible and urgent. Furthermore, the results of our study enable Cargill to estimate the company’s impact on smallholders, land use and water use.