We provided in-house support to Chrysalix SET with the development and implementation of an integral ESG risk management system

Chrysalix SET is an Amsterdam based venture capital firm, which manages investments in early growth stage European clean energy technology companies with high growth potential.

Chrysalix asked Steward Redqueen to develop a tailor-made procedure with practical tools that would enable it to integrate ESG risk management in its processes.

To ensure efficient processes despite the demanding customisation requirements, Steward Redqueen provided in-house support over a two-month period. Close cooperation and frequent dialogue between the consultant and the client created internal support for the policy, procedures and implementation. In the end, a toolkit was developed that represents the high ambitions of Chrysalix SET, yet pragmatic and easy-to use.

The final procedures and process developed for Chrysalix support them in communicating to their investors and investee companies the firm’s proactive initiative to implement ESG into their investment operations.