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Deep-dive study into inclusive growth for DGGF

We conducted a deep-dive study into the DGGF’s approach and contribution to inclusive growth

The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) Track 2 is a fund of funds with a portfolio of financial intermediaries targeting SMEs in emerging markets to catalyse economic growth. One of DGGF’s strategic priorities is promoting inclusive growth – defined as pursuing economic growth that is distributed fairly across society, and creates opportunities for all. DGGF asked us to perform a deep-dive study into how an investor can steer for and contribute to inclusive growth.

The deep-dive study focused on how to best use investments for enabling inclusive economic growth. It also analysed and captured the learnings of different approaches of DGGF partner banks and impact-focused fund managers. The findings highlight DGGF’s progress in the integration of inclusiveness in its investment strategy and operations, various approaches of financial intermediaries to supporting underserved parts of the population, and whether having a strong focus on inclusive growth goes hand-in-hand with financial returns.

Based on the research, data analysis, interviews and observations during the field visits we identified several recommendations for DGGF. The recommendations were formulated as tangible and practical potential actions that could be considered to further sharpen DGGF’s analysis, selection, performance and impact on inclusive growth. Click here for access to the report.