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Gender lens investment (GLI) program for DGGF

We helped DGGF create a GLI technical assistance program based on the needs of its clients

The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) is a fund of funds with a portfolio of financial intermediaries which target SMEs in emerging markets to catalyse economic growth. One of DGGF’s strategic priorities is to provide more financing to women entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is crucial for the organization to help its clients – financial institutions and fund managers – apply a gender lens in their investment processes. To achieve that, DGGF was looking to develop a tailored GLI assistance program that is scalable and tailored to differences in GLI integration levels.

We worked together with DGGF to map where their clients stand in terms of GLI ambition and practices. We surveyed and spoke to DGGF’s clients to understand their level of GLI awareness, commitment, and capacity. Based on these insights, we proposed various TA modules which DGGF could offer in order to increase awareness and capacity in the gender field.

For DGGF, the mapping harvested crucial in-depth information on where financial intermediaries stand in their GLI integration and allowed it to design its GLI Technical Assistance offer.