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We performed an evaluation of the DOEN Foundation’s impact investment portfolio (DOEN Participaties)

DOEN Participaties is the impact investment arm of the DOEN Foundation. It aims to achieve a positive impact on society by supporting disruptive new sustainable or socially inclusive entrepreneurs. DOEN Participaties has become the biggest impact investor for sustainable and socially inclusive start-ups in the Netherlands. The portfolio consists of 65 equity investments and convertible loans, and 11 fund investments.

DOEN asked Steward Redqueen to perform an independent evaluation of the portfolio. We executed desk research and robust data processing, assessed management systems and conducted interviews and company visits. We jointly assessed the investment strategy and investment selection, and the green and social performance of the portfolio.

The work resulted in a management presentation with insights into DOEN Participaties’ portfolio’s impact,  strengths and weaknesses of the investment strategy, as well as lessons learned and concrete recommendations for further enhancing the effectiveness and impact of DOEN Participaties.