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Evaluation of SBIF for EBRD

We conducted an independent review of EBRD’s Small Business Impact Fund

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) set up the Small Business Impact Fund (SBIF) to facilitate more efficient cooperation, coordination and deployment of donor resources to support small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) development, thereby maximizing the reach and impact of the Bank’s activities and allowing the bank to address priorities for the SME sector that cut across the countries of operations. EBRD asked Steward Redqueen to conduct a review of the SBIF after its first five year of full operations.

We assessed the strategy, operating model, progress and results of the programmes supported by the SBIF. We conducted key stakeholder interviews, performed a document review, and analysed performance and results data of the programmes supported by the SBIF. To gather additional data, we also conducted a survey among SMEs that benefitted from the business advisory programmes supported by the SBIF.

This review resulted in a report that enabled EBRD to show the progress made and results of the activities under the SBIF to its donors and provided learnings and recommendations for the future of the SBIF as it grows and matures.