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Impact assessment for ECPA

We analysed the effects of EU crop protection product legislation on EU farmer productivity, incomes & employment for ECPA

European farmers rely on their toolbox to protect their crops and ensure stable yields and incomes. A restricted farmer’s toolbox can thus put the economic viability of European agriculture under pressure.

To shed light on the socio-economic effects of a restricted farmer toolbox in the EU, ECPA and its respective national organisations commissioned Steward Redqueen to examine the current value of 75 at-risk substances to European agriculture.

We analysed the expected effects on crop production levels, farmer incomes and profitability, jobs, carbon footprint and land use. The work was build on similar studies done by Wageningen University, the Andersons Centre, the Humboldt Forum and Teagasc at the national or product level.

The work complements environmental and health impact assessments of crop protection products, to obtain a complete picture of the societal effects of CPP usage. The project thus far covers 16 EU agricultural markets and over 45 different crops. ECPA uses the results to inform and engage stakeholders, and provide the basis for a balanced discussion on the future of EU agriculture.