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ESG Due Diligence for Asia Partners

We conducted an ESG due diligence on a prospective investment of Asia Partners

Conducting an ESG due diligence is important for fund managers to ensure that a prospective investment is in line with ESG standards, while finding opportunities for value creation. Our client, Asia Partners, turned to Steward Redqueen to carry out an ESG due diligence that transformed a taxing check-box approach into a materiality- and value-driven exercise.

Asia Partners, a growth equity firm that invests in technology and technology-enabled companies in Southeast Asia, tasked us with assessing the ESG performance of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider. Referencing industry standards like SASB, IFC PS, and ILO, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of the prospect’s operations. Our approach prioritized materiality, focusing on the most pertinent risks while ensuring compliance. In the context of a SaaS business without physical operations, our analysis targeted tech-related risks, including data privacy & information security, corporate governance, and diversity and inclusion.

Using our proprietary ESG due diligence methodology and industry-specific questionnaire, we provided Asia Partners with actionable insights to inform their investment decisions. The resulting report outlined areas for improvement and a prioritized list of recommendations, spanning pre-investment measures and long-term strategies to bolster ESG resilience.

This case underscores Asia Partners’ commitment to driving positive impact through targeted ESG due diligence, fostering sustainable growth and value creation for all stakeholders.

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