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ESG Reporting Guidelines for stock exchanges

We helped stock exchanges in Europe to develop ESG Reporting Guidelines for their issuers

Stock exchanges can play an important role in helping market participants enhance their ESG reporting capabilities. Throughout 2020-2023 we have worked with stock exchanges in Poland, Romania and North Macedonia to help them develop ESG Reporting Guidelines for their issuers. The Guidelines synthesize the core value of improved ESG reporting and equip companies with necessary knowledge to report reliable, decision-useful ESG information to investors and other stakeholders.

The projects consisted of research of the issuers ESG disclosure practices, review of existing and emerging ESG reporting regulations (i.e. CSRD, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, etc.) as well as extensive stakeholder consultations – all of which laid the groundwork for the Guidelines development. The publication of the Guidelines was subsequently followed by a dedicated workshop to help disseminate the work and increase the uptake of ESG reporting among the companies.

You can check the result of our work for the Warsaw Stock Exchange (here), Bucharest Stock Exchange (here), and Macedonian Stock Exchange (here).

The projects were executed as part of the technical assistance projects implemented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).