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Evaluation on Decent Work for BIO

We conducted an independent evaluation of BIO’s contribution to decent work and quality jobs

Contributing to decent work is an integral part of the Belgian Development Bank (BIO)’s mandate and a central objective in its strategy and operations. BIO aims to support more, inclusive, and better jobs. Against this background, BIO commissioned an evaluation on its contribution to decent work.

The evaluation study focused on how BIO assesses decent work in its investment process and how it actively supports companies to enhance the quality of jobs. The evaluation was grounded in a new model to assess a company’s performance on decent work, and structured around five focus areas: (i) the rationale for BIO’s focus on decent work; (ii) implementation in processes; (iii) analysis of its client portfolio; (iv) BIO’s value adding role; and (v) findings from an in-depth focus on two invested companies and a bank.

The resulting report informs BIO staff, the Board of Directors and other stakeholders on how BIO contributes to decent work. It also provides lessons learned and concrete recommendations for enhancing its role in promoting decent work and quality jobs at clients. A summary of the findings can be found here and BIO’s management response here.