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Evaluation on inequality for BIO

We conducted an independent evaluation of BIO’s contribution to reducing inequalities

SDG10 is an important but under-focused SDG. It calls for reducing inequalities in income among and within countries. Contributing to SDG10 is a key objective in the Belgian Development Bank (BIO)’s investment strategy. However, for an investor in the private sector actively reducing inequalities can be challenging and takes specific analysis to assess the (expected) effects of investments. BIO commissioned a specific evaluation study on this theme.

The evaluation’s objective was to assess BIO’s contribution to reducing inequalities/SDG10, and to identify how BIO could improve its contribution in the future. The evaluation was structured around five focus areas: (i) wo what extent BIO actively steers for reducing inequalities; (ii) how BIO cooperates with other actors; (iii) what it has achieved; (iv); how effective and efficient interventions have been and (v) what difference it has made a a client level.

The resulting report informs BIO staff, the Board of Directors and other stakeholders on how BIO contributes to reducing inequalities. It also provides lessons learned and concrete recommendations for enhancing its analysis of risks and opportunities, and how it can steer more actively for the reduction of inequalities. A summary of the findings can be found here and BIO’s management response here.