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FinDev Canada

We developed the impact framework of Canada’s new DFI FinDev

FinDev Canada is a development finance institute (a wholly owned subsidiary of Export Development Canada (EDC), Canada’s export credit agency) established in January 2018 with a mandate to support local private sector activity where it contributes to sustainable development. FinDev Canada’s mission is to stimulate market development, promote women’s economic empowerment, and contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.

FinDev Canada asked Steward Redqueen to assist them in designing their impact framework, as well as the necessary tools to operationalise this framework.

In cooperation with FinDev Canada’s team, we defined their impact principles, designed their metrics and measurement methodologies, and built the tools used in the investment process to measure and monitor impact results.

By designing FinDev Canada’s Development Impact framework, we enabled the organisation to consistently assess the potential development impact of prospective clients, allowing them to integrate the development impact perspective into their decision-making process.  FinDev Canada is now equipped to steer and track progress towards their development impact goals.