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ESG and impact framework for Fondaco

We developed and ESG and impact framework for the Sustainable Real Asset Strategy of Fondaco SGR

Fondaco SGR is an Italian asset manager dedicated to institutional investors, in the market since 2002. Fondaco has launched a new strategy, the Sustainable Real Asset Strategy (“SRA Strategy”), which places social and environmental objectives at the core of its investments, and asked us to develop a framework to better manage the ESG risks and impact potential of the Fund.

We developed a comprehensive ESG policy and a set of practical tools to identify the most material risks across five focus sectors: renewables, energy efficiency, urban regeneration, social infrastructure, and ICT. To help the fund manager better understand and manage its impact, we facilitated interactive discussions to identify the impact intentionality and the unique differentiators of the Fund, which we captured in a Theory of Change.

The resulting Theory of Change shows how the SRA Strategy contributes to sustained progress and innovation across the energy, urban, and digital systems and how this leads to impact on five key Sustainable Development Goals. All in all, the ESG and impact toolbox developed will enable the fund manager to understand and mitigate ESG risks as well as maximize its impact potential throughout its investment process.

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