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We developed a model to assess the direct and indirect economic impact of GroFin’s investments

GroFin is a private development fund financing small and growing businesses across Africa and the Middle East. Inclusive growth and employment generation are at the core of the fund’s strategy.

To optimise its approach and improve stakeholder communication, GroFin asked Steward Redqueen to provide insights into how its financing contributes to its core strategy.

We developed a rigorous yet practical model to estimate the impact of GroFin’s portfolio companies on the societies they operate in. Our study provided insights into both the direct and indirect contributions of portfolio companies to employment and income generation, thereby revealing previously undiscovered impacts in the value chain of its portfolio companies.

Our insights assisted GroFin in steering on its strategic goals and serve as an input to stakholder dialogue. GroFin used our results and visuals in its annual Impact Report.