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Heritas Capital

We conducted a workshop aimed at strengthening Heritas Capital’s impact framework

Heritas Capital is a Singapore-based private equity and venture capital investment firm that invests in fast-growing companies and leading funds across the healthcare, education, and technology sectors. Guided by their investment philosophy – Invest With Purpose, Impact Across Generations – Heritas Capital backs innovative companies to become emerging champions and drive inclusive growth that improves the lives of local communities while delivering sustainable returns to investors.

Heritas Capital has established their ESG and impact policy and frameworks, and progressively applied and refined them to multiple direct investments over the past few years. For the launch of its next generation VC and PE impact fund, Heritas Capital commissioned Steward Redqueen to review and enhance its current ESG and impact policy and frameworks. Steward Redqueen conducted an on-site workshop to present an overview of recent developments and current ‘best practices’ and provided feedback for enhancing Heritas Capital’s ESG and impact policy and frameworks. Steward Redqueen also guided the staff in the development of their ‘Theory of Change’ to structure and sharpen their impact thinking and narrative.

Through participation in the workshop, Heritas was able to refine its impact investing strategy, allowing the company to make investment decisions that are both performance- and impact-driven.