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Net Impact Framework for Integra Partners

We developed a Net Impact Framework for Integra Partners that harmonises ‘doing good’ and ‘avoiding harm’

Integra Partners is a Singapore-based venture capital firm, investing in technology entrepreneurs with the goal to drive access and affordability to financial services and healthcare in Southeast and South Asia. One key objective for Integra Partners is to ensure that it pre-emptively manages the limited ESG risk associated with early-stage technology investments, while maximizing the many impact opportunities of its investees. Therefore, Integra Partners asked Steward Redqueen to develop a ‘Net Impact Framework’ that suits the early growth stage of its investees while meeting international best practices.

We engaged in several workshops to draft the fund’s Theory of Change, and a set of feasible impact metrics to corroborate this narrative. With metrics on portfolio, sector, and individual investee levels, Integra Partners can monitor the extent to which its activities eventually result in outputs, outcomes, and impact in the region.

Then we jointly developed integrated documentation, processes, and tools to manage ESG risk and impact opportunities. We focused on efficiencies through integration and developing a framework that is light touch without sacrificing quality. Finally, we held several training sessions to build capacity on ESG and impact management, ensuring the Integra Partners team could understand, apply, and externally communicate the new framework to both its investors and investees.

The resulting Net Impact Framework allows Integra Partners to monitor, manage, and report on ESG and impact both on an investee-level and portfolio-wide basis. This not only minimizes risks, but makes Integra Partners a more attractive fund manager for a wide range of investors.