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Manufacturing Africa

Manufacturing Africa is a program backed by the UK government that seeks to promote industrialization in East and West Africa by attracting £1 billion in foreign direct investment and create 90,000 jobs by 2026. The program, which kick-off at the end of 2019, provides transaction facilitation support to manufacturing companies and technical assistance to public sector institutions to improve the investment climate. The program is implemented by a consortium of partners, including Steward Redqueen, BDO, McKinsey & Company, TechnoServe, and Reformatics.

Within the consortium, Steward Redqueen are the experts on development,  impact measurement, and monitoring and evaluation. As such, we have been integral in operationalizing and mainstreaming development and impact into the program’s services. This has involved providing a user-friendly dashboard for modeling development impact results, as well as coming up with innovative approaches to incorporate topics such as attribution and economic complexity.

Manufacturing Africa, over the next six years of the program’s lifespan, will continue to benefit from Steward Redqueen’s inputs and support in order to achieve the program’s development goals.