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ESG module for nCino banking platform

We developed an ESG module for nCino, enabling financial institutions to assess and manage ESG risks in their lending portfolio

nCino is a is a banking platform that is used by >1300 financial institutions around the world. Designed with bankers in mind, nCino offers a single end-to-end digital banking platform that is flexible, scalable and designed to help reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliance. In light of the increasing attention for sustainability in banking from regulators and financial institutions themselves, nCino was seeking ways to include ESG into their platform.

We partnered up with nCino to develop an ESG Solution that allows its users (financial institutions) to manage and assess ESG risks, and collect and store data on relevant ESG indicators for each transaction as well as at portfolio level. As part of this solution, we have also developed a way to check for EU Taxonomy eligibility.

The ESG solution will enable financial institutions around the world to assess and manage ESG risks in their loan portfolio in a quick, standardized, and efficient way.