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We assisted NN IP’s European Sustainable Infrastructure Debt fund with their sustainability strategy

NN IP set up the NN (L) European Sustainable Infrastructure Debt fund to respond to the growing demand for future-proof infrastructure investments that deliver stable long-term financial returns for investors, and contribute to a more sustainable economy. NN IP’s Infrastructure team asked Steward Redqueen to assist them in developing their sustainability strategy and information for investors.

Together with NN IP, we developed a framework outlining the pathways through which the fund contributes to an inclusive, efficient, resilient, and low-carbon economy, from the Fund’s mission to the ultimate vision the Fund aims to achieve. In addition, we defined that metrics at the project and portfolio level to measure the performance of each investment, and monitor sustainability developments of the portfolio over time. The framework helps the Fund in obtaining insights into the sustainability performance of its investments, and in demonstrating how these contribute to the Fund investors’ and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Developing a clear and coherent sustainability framework from an early stage in the development of the Fund has proven to be very useful in communicating the Fund’s sustainability goals to internal and external stakeholders.