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Impact validation for Quadia

We validated the impact assessments of the Quadia Regenero Impact Fund. 

Quadia is an independent and B-Corp certified impact investment advisor based in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2019, Quadia launched the Regenero Impact Fund (RIF) in collaboration with the Belgian Bank Degroof Petercam. RIF invests in companies that advance the transition towards a regenerative economy,  focusing on the sectors of clean energy, sustainable food, and circular products & materials.

To accelerate portfolio companies’ impact on the transition to a regenerative economy, the Fund seeks to accurately assess each investee’s impact potential. As investment advisor, Quadia further engages with these companies, to improve the impact performance. To do this systematically in line with best impact measurement and management practices, Quadia has developed a comprehensive Theory of Change and impact management framework. Ensuring the reliability and robustness of this framework is crucial, not only to make Quadia’s interventions as efficient and effective as possible, but also because RIF’s impact performance is factored into the variable fee compensation of the investment advisor.

The Regenero Impact Fund has engaged Steward Redqueen, as external  and independent validator of its impact assessments. Since the fund launch in 2019, Steward Redqueen has conducted close to 20 validations of Quadia’s impact assessments both prior to investment decisions as well as at the time exits of portfolio companies are realized. In these validations we comment on the fit of the investment opportunity with the Fund’s strategy, the relevance of each indicator, the quality of data, and the rigour of Quadia’s applied methodology. Further, we share our assessment on the company’s impact plans and discuss our evaluation on what impact the investment can realistically deliver.