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STOA Infra & Energy

We developed an impact framework and a user-friendly toolkit to help STOA manage its impacts

 STOA Infra & Energy is a fund that finances greenfield infrastructure projects in developing regions. The fund seeks to support those projects that are key to people’s well-being and the sustainable growth of their country. STOA’s investments span from energy, to transport, telecoms, environment and social infrastructure. As a signatory of the with IFC Operating Principles for Impact Management, STOA is committed to applying an integrated approach to impact management that is both functional and efficient across its full investment cycle.

We developed a theory of change and an impact framework to inform the organisation on the potential contribution of pipeline projects to its impact objectives as well as on the projected and achieved impact of portfolio projects. STOA scores its infrastructure projects on three criteria; accessibility, functionality and resource efficiency. To ensure a simple implementation of the framework, we developed a user-friendly toolkit that supports data collection, management as well as impact results visualization for all projects in portfolio.

STOA’s ESG & Impact team will use the toolkit to score projects ex-ante, monitor their performance over time and report its impact in a systematic manner. STOA’s impact report, including an interview to Steward Redqueen consultant Silvia Binet can be accessed here.