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Sustainability strategy for Asia Partners’ portfolio company

We helped one of Asia Partners’ portfolio companies develop an IPO-ready sustainability strategy

Every IPO-bound startup needs a concrete sustainability strategy, but young companies often require support to build the structures to execute on their sustainability ambition. Asia Partners, as a growth equity firm focused on building Southeast Asia next generation of tech giants backs its portfolio companies in this journey. They engaged Steward Redqueen to develop an effective strategy for one of their portfolio companies, which would enable the investee to improve its sustainability approach and meet investor expectations.

We started by assessing the company’s existing sustainability practices, and by prioritising environmental, social, and governance issues by materiality. Crafting a practical strategy also meant getting everyone on the same page. We collaborated with the company’s ESG team to prioritise issues and set a clear timeline with concrete steps for improvement. Additionally, we helped the company distribute responsibilities across internal teams, develop templates, and enhance the language and scope of their sustainability policies.

The resulting sustainability strategy not only enabled the portfolio company to meet investor requirements but also created a pathway to implement practical and impactful sustainability practices as they journey towards IPO.