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We researched the future of insurance for TVM’s vision 2025

TVM is the European cooperative insurance company for transport, logistics and inland navigation. The company is recognised and appreciated as a specialised, innovative partner that enables safe transport by the acknowledgement, prevention and insurance of risk.

Both the insurance sector and the transportation sector are dealing with significant (technological) change that might impact TVM’s activities. In order to get a hold of these developments while developing a vision 2025, Steward Redqueen was asked to extensively study these developments. The overarching question in this research was: “How can TVM prepare for the most important developments and maintain her leading position?”

Steward Redqueen interviewed the top management, members, stakeholders and experts, touching upon challenges in the market and future expectations. In addition, extensive desk research focused on the latest developments in transport and insurance. The implications have been mapped and translated into strategic options that can be taken into account during the decision making process of the Board of Directors